KT Rama Rao assists Hyderabad-based block printing artist

Krishna, a resident of Abids in Hyderabad, is one of the very few individuals in Telangana who is keeping the art of centuries-old block printing alive. He was about 25-years-old when he first stepped into this profession.

His deft hands spin magic and create intricate and exquisite designs on pure silk, silk cotton, and Chanderi cotton fabrics, day in and day out.  His life is synonymous with daily drudgery, with being engaged in toiling hard for hours or even days, at times, at a stretch to produce hand block print fabric.

The pandemic took a toll on an already hard up 55-year-old who is also a security guard. He earns no more than Rs 150 profit per order, which is a smaller amount depending on the skill involved in creating the pattern.

He says that with the advent of printing machines, the profession has now been squashed.

“While a hand block print saree or any fabric is being sold for over Rs 1,000 in the market, I’m selling it for just Rs 300. Yet, I receive no more than five orders per month,” adds Krishna.

After knowing his plight, Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister KT Rama Rao came forward to help. He connected Krishna to Handlooms and Textiles Secretary and assisted.

With this, he is hoping for an end to his dire strait.

You can pledge your support to Krishna, this festival season. He needs work and orders for him to continue his craft. You may reach him at +91 83091 81998.

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